Inspirational Quotes – Procrastination

This quote was on a postcard I recently received from my college reminding me to sign up for spring classes. I cut it out and taped it above my monitor.




Drifts of snow dance
Merrily across the
Sharply cutting a frozen path of
The world is covered in white
Disguised as an angel
Covertly plotting
My demise
My fall from grace
The abyss surrounds me
Fills me with anguish
Clouds my judgment
How can I move forward
When there is nowhere to go?
How can I live on
When life no longer holds
I close my eyes
Imagine the snow falling
Around me
Covering me in a sheet
Of loneliness
I wish to be carried away
Into a forgotten
So that I may watch
The snow drift lazily
Through the


Life as of late has been a bit difficult. But I say this like it’s something new. Life is generally a bit difficult.

I’ve been depressed for a while now. I’m stressed at work, wondering every day if today will be the day that they close their doors. The building rent hasn’t been paid in 2 months and they don’t have the money for the back payments. They owe several million to their contractors. I don’t even know if my paycheck will clear next week.

Of course, I’m dealing with school issues. Trying to keep my head above water, trying so hard to balance the pressure I’m under. I give every bit of myself every single day. I’m split between school, work, and my family.

And because of all this, I’ve yet to even deal with the death of my father.

Maybe this is why I keep forgetting that today is my birthday.

My Teacher Is A D*ck

I’m currently taking a Brit Lit class. For the moment, I won’t say where I’m enrolled or who is teaching it – since so much of what is posted online is subject to scrutiny, but it’ll be a different story once I’m done. Frankly, I can’t wait to blast this asshole.

Anyway, this is an online class and the teacher has given the bare minimum of directions. Our first assignment was to compare 4 paragraphs and cite the differences between each one. This was to see if we understood how to dissect a literary piece. It was 3 short paragraphs.

It took him 6 weeks to grade this.

By the time he did, we had already submitted 3 essays, which included our midterm – for which we didn’t receive any direction on what he was looking for. Because of the timing of this, we received zero feedback on the first essay before having to immediately turn in 2 more essays (written in the course of 4 days) for our midterm.

My first essay, which was submitted in the beginning of September, was just graded last Wednesday. My midterm grade was then posted on Saturday. Between the three essays, he subtracted nearly 20 points (even though the midterm was 2 essays, it was graded as one). Now, many people wouldn’t complain because despite the subtraction, I still got A’s on both, but he gave no explanation as to what I did wrong it what needed improvement.

I’m actually okay with them being subtracted, but I’m not okay with not knowing why they were subtracted. How can I make corrections to my work if I don’t know what I did wrong? And I need to because I have another 7 page comparative essay due next week.

So, I emailed him asking for specific examples of what I need to fix. He responded saying that he had already given feedback. Um, no, you didn’t. Your “feedback” was to tell me that I did a great job and then subtract a bunch of points.

Well, he sent me a second email just a little while ago. It stated the following:

“Your midterm was really well done overall, but it still had some issues, mostly stemming from word choice and clarity. I think your thesis could have been clearer with a better connection to the supporting paragraph.

In the first essay, you use a lot of quotes from the editor’s notes, but you need to use direct quotes from the literature as well to support your argument (actually, there probably should have been more of a point deduction for this). You accomplish this very nicely in the second response, though.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Like I said, the essays were very good, but there are still some points to work on.”

Um. Are you for real right now? This doesn’t help me. If anything, it infuriates me. I just want to know what I need to do to fix my mistakes. But I guess it’s difficult to fix mistakes if my “mistakes” were based upon his opinion.

Well. Here’s what I know: I am a fucking good writer. And he’s a dick.