Kind Blindness

Silent whiteness 
Covers my heart 
Shields of ambiguity 
Protect my mind 
Leaving me wrapped in fog 
To stumble over headstones- 
Fallen angels with messages of grief 
Cracked at the tip 
Broken in the center 
No escape from the truth 
Mirrored darkness in my soul 
Knot of pain in my heart 
The light is blind 
The good all fail 
Innocence cannot last forever 
Breathe the dark 
Forget the pain 
Pull on past the storm ahead 
Leave agony in the abyss 
Feel the uplift of the soul 
As the veil falls down again 
Comfort combats a foot-hole in your mind 
Your everlasting pain forgotten 
Go through life in a blur 
Pretend nothing ever goes wrong 
Live your life in a state of kind blindness

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